Ukraine/Poland Trip

Ukraine (Poland trip)

When the news broke, that Russia had planned to invade Ukraine and declared War, Volunteers decided to appeal for essential aid and set up a collection point for all to be dropped off and a go fund me page. My Tyrone decided to do an article and video to promote Me You and Them. Chairperson and Founder of Me You and Them, Glena McDowell Khan decided that she would take the aid over herself to the Ukraine Border as it was quicker than sending containers. She also wanted to go herself in ensure that the aid and money was getting to the people in need and a feel of what was actually going on and to give feedback to our donors. A week before Glena was planning to leave it was decided that the For You van wasn’t big enough due to so much aid so working alongside other charities a lorry was being used and she would fly out and meet the lorry.

So, on the 13th March Glena set off to Poland and arrived in Krakow.

Day 1

First stop was a Jewish Community Centre JCC Krakow who opened a centre to support women and children with their mental health and educational needs. Glena met many volunteers and after many discussions many things where needed such as washing powder/liquid etc so a cash donation was made to help buy these items.

Day 2

First stop was at the government centre where refugees could get aid and advice. Walking around the city Glena could see that many buildings especially shopping malls had been adapted for families to sleep and to get aid. Glena then decided to travel to the train stations to help out with aid. This is where she made a donation to a lady from Holland whose charity was helping animal’s that had been abandoned. Their aim was to move animals to shelters where they would be safe.

Day 3

Travelled to Lublin by train which was 6 hours. Hope Mission part of Christ Church invited Glena to meet with volunteers. It was housing at the very end of a forest and which was set up to support the homeless. The aim was for them to stay 1-2 weeks and then to move on to Sweden. Glena met with many families and in particular one lady who was pregnant with three other children. This is where the charity made a money donation.

Day 4

Travelled back to Krakow to tie up any lose ends.

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